Become BOH Rock Solid Partners Member.

“While the earth remains, Seed-time and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease.” AMP (genesis 8:22)
Have you ever considered being a part of something bigger than yourself, reaching out to millions because you feel called to become part of a global assignment and mandate?  That desire can be fulfilled through a partnership with us at BOH ministries.

We here at BOH   truly believe that a partnership is a bond between you our partners and ourselves.  It is a commitment on both sides to push forth the Kingdom assignment given unto us by our Lord and Savior.

We count it a privilege to serve alongside with you, building a longtime friendship.  We have the conviction that our Rock Solid Partners become more than teammates and as such partakers of our ups and downs, sharing our success in ministry as well as our struggles. We are choosing to make our Rock Solid Partners a priority, not just prayer partners and co- laborers in Christ but a family!

As a Rock Solid Partner, you commit to help make a difference in someone’s life, as a Rock Solid Partner you make the difference that counts for eternity!

We believe this to be an investment you won’t  regret.

Your monthly commitment seed of €20 or more to partnership will help empower BOH to accomplish this vision.


Help us bring more souls into the Kingdom!

1) Your monthly Copper partnership gift of €20 will raise up ministers and leaders through trainings that will equip them to spread the gospel throughout their communities, cities and nation!

2) Your monthly Silver gift of €30 will support the World Evangelism gatherings BOH uses to bring the gospel of Jesus to thousands of lost souls throughout the world!

3) Your monthly Gold gift of €50 or more will support missions and schools projects, orphanage programs in Romania, Africa, Middle east as well as the Philipines

*Our Pledge to Partnership

-We pray daily for the spiritual and financial blessings of God in your life

-We commit to send you bi-monthly correspondence for your spiritual growth

-We offer distinctive accommodations for you at selected BOH sponsored events.

-We give discounts on special products offered at sponsored events.

-We send you bi-monthly invitations to our prayer and teaching gatherings to help you in your walk with Christ

-We send you first invite to special events and conference hosted by BOH and partners

-We will create, translate, and print instructional materials that will be distributed to Nationals in every corner of the earth!

*Your Commitment:

-Be faithful in prayer for the ministry.

-Be integral in honouring your commitment to the vision with your connection seed

-Attend BOH Ministry Partner Empowerment sessions whenever possible

-Share the good news about Jesus and your impact through partnership


No matter if you are considering partnership, recently became a partner or an alumni, we thank you for your commitment to this ministry. Your time, love, prayers and desire to further the Kingdom of God are a blessing to BOH  ministries.

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